Author: Barry Bonds

I’m Barry, and I am a baseball coach. I can remember playing baseball since the time that my dad would pitch to me in the backyard. These days, I coach while looking for fun ways to connect with my players. One of my favourite things about coaching is trying out new gloves and bats at practice every week. It gives me an excuse to try something new and see what works best for each player on our team. Along the way, I have come across nearly every kind of glove there is, from catcher’s mitts, infielders gloves and shinguards all the way up through softball gear like batting gloves, cleats, shoes or caps. I love sharing my real-life experiences with different pieces of equipment, along with coaching tips and advice for parents of other baseball players. And don’t forget about softball. I’ve been an assistant coach for my daughter’s team since she was 4 years old and have loved going to as many games as possible.