Best Baseball Glove For 12 Year Old

Best Baseball Glove For 12 Year Old

Baseball gloves come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be tough to determine which one is right for your kids. If you’re a beginner or looking for the best baseball glove for a 12 year old, there are a few things to consider.

With so many different gloves on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for your child. Also, the baseball gloves are typically smaller and easier to control than older ones, making them perfect for beginners or younger players.

Keeping in mind all your child’s needs and preferences is a great way to ensure that they have fun with the glove and enjoy every moment while playing on the field. Conceivably, you can’t go wrong with any brand of baseball glove for a 12 year old which is stated below.

Best Baseball Glove For 12 Year Old

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1). Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

Wilson A2000

The most popular baseball manufacturer Wilson has come with gloves for both right-handed and left-handed players.

This Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series is a great way for any level of player to begin his journey into the world of baseball.

It features one of Wilson’s top-quality patterns with Chevron Cross Web Leather which adds strength to its material with its minimum weight.

This glove is perfect for 12 year old which has a size of 11.5-12.75 with a weight of 552 grams.

The material used in this particular model is some of the best-grade leather which is long-lasting and durable and also your kid will get a great feel while catching the ball. The double lacing at the base of the web gives you a durable pocket for catching balls and ensures that your glove won’t come apart after solid use.

The dual welting provides a pocket with sturdy construction that will ensure durability throughout its life with excellent break-ins.

This glove also features the Drilex wrist lining, which keeps your child’s hand dry and comfortable even in the hottest of conditions.

The Wilson A2000 material is made up of SuperSkin™ which keeps the glove moisture-free due to its microfiber material.

The Wilson A2000 comes with every baseball position in mind, such as first base, infield, Outfield, and Catcher.


  • Available for different styles of positions.
  • Gives a more comfortable feel to the player and also protects fingers.
  • The dual welting gives more stability in the game giving more confidence to a younger player.


  • It will take time to break in due to its high-grade leather.
  • Expensive in comparison to other gloves available in the market.

2). Rawlings Sandlot Series

Rawling sandlot

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The Rawlings Sandlot series youth baseball glove is a perfect choice for kids and beginners. The classic design has been well-loved by the pros and amateurs alike for years.

At 11 1/2 inches in size, it’s an ideal fit for young hands and offers maximum grip thanks to the oiled leather palm. This allows players to get a better hold on their ball and improve their game.

The glove also includes a padded finger back lining with zero shock palm that gives your child the protection and comforts to their palms and fingers.

While at the same time giving them to feel more confident in controlling their ball without any tension of their fingers getting hurt.

This is one of the best baseball gloves for 12-year-olds because it’s affordable, comfortable to use, and available in all four styles with different price points.

It comes with 80% break-ins so your kid can go to training or playing without having to wait for 1-2 days for the break-in period.

According to our testing the built quality of the glove is average it might last not more than 3 years according to moderate usage.


  • 80% Break-ins already done by the company
  • The zero shock palm protects the fingers from the fast throw.
  • Comes with deeper pockets that help the younger player to catch the ball easily.
  • It has an I Web style design.


  • The leather quality is not average in comparison to its other models.
  • The fingers are relatively shorter in size.

3). Wilson A2K Glove

baseball glove for 12 year

ir?t=baseballguides 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0865D2H5WIf you are looking for a premium baseball glove for your 12-year-old, then the Wilson A2K Baseball Glove is for you. It was created with the intention of being the best baseball glove in its class.

The Wilson A2K Baseball Glove features Pro Stock Leather which is made from only the top 5% hides to ensure maximum quality and durability.

It also comes with a SuperSkin feature which is half the weight of Pro Stock Leather, but twice as durable.

The A2K comes with the Flat Finger Binding feature, which provides more control for your kids who like to keep their index fingers out of the glove while playing the match.

To keep your kid’s finger cool and moisture-free the Wilson has added the Dri-lex and wrist lining feature in A2k.

But according to our testing, the best feature which we liked was a Double Palm Construction is what really makes this glove stand out.

The thin layer of leather between the palm liner and outer shell improves pocket stability without creating instability. 

When we had our hands on the glove we find out it was very tough to break the glove to make it softer and easy to close. 


  • Excellent build quality with premium leather used.
  • Available in different colors to choose from.
  • Only 5% hide is used to craft the Wilson A2k.
  • To last your glove for a longer period of time it has rolled dual welting.


  • It is hard time to break in to make it ready to play.
  • Expensive.

4). Mizuno MVP Prime

12 year old baseball glove

If you are looking for a durable, professional-style glove that won’t break the bank, look no further than Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove.

This glove is easy to break in and once it has been, the glove is ready for any position.

The Mizuno comes in different sizes to fit your child’s hand, so it is easy to purchase the glove that fits them just right.

The center pocket-designed patterns are naturally centered under the index finger for the most versatile break-in possible.

This MVP Prime is not only comfortable but durable as well, this stylish glove will impress all of your teammates with its embroidered logo.

The leather is soft and smooth with a premium feel. Also, the padding isn’t as thick or stiff as high-end gloves but still provides a firm enough to catch the ball.

While using the glove our 12-year-old has to fix its laces after a few games and also webbing is too large that the ball stucks in when thrown at the right spot. The manufacturer has used bio soft leather which is a combination of softness and oil to give smoothness to its leather.


  • The best part is it allows you to break in according to your position-specific.
  • Pro-level lacing.
  • Affordable
  • The Center pocket is an advantage


  • Made for one hand orientation.
  • The padding is made up of average quality.

5). Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series

best 12 year baseball gloves

ir?t=baseballguides 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B085GKHRY3If you are looking for a baseball glove for a high school and 12-year-old player, this glove gives you the confidence to handle any ground ball.

It’s designed for infield players and has a narrow fit, which makes it perfect for young players.

This Heart of hide R2G 11.75 inch Mod Trap Web glove will give your child the touch and feel they need with pro-grade leather lace and soft finger back linings.

This glove has a narrow fit and is an ideal choice for players from high school to the pros.

For durability, the manufacturer has used super-strong premier steer hide leathers, which are also soft and flexible. The cowhide lining is comfortable for ease of use.

It also has a finger back lining for additional comfort. The palm lining is deer-tanned and provides a soft feel for easy use.

These gloves require a 70% player break-in for a perfect opening of the gloves and come with a 30% factory break-in.

But with the help of the right baseball glove break-ins method, you can do it in less than 48 hours with the help of some recommended oils.

In this series, you will get more than 40+ color options to choose from for both right and left-handed players.


  • Huge color options to choose from with different size options.
  • The manufacturer has used high-quality leather that will last for 3 years.
  • Available in different positions such as infield, outfield, and catcher.
  • The quality of laces is premium supple and thick.


  • It can be expensive for younger kids who are just starting to play as a beginner.

6). Wilson A500

old baseball gloves for 12 year old

The Wilson A500 Baseball Glove is an excellent choice for beginner players age 12 and also comes with a budget-friendly price. These Wilson A500 come in custom colors that are based on popular pro teams.

With its adjustable velcro strap to secure the fit and also comes with double padded on the palm so the younger kids who are practicing their skills to catch the ball on the palm comfortably.

For maximum durability, the Wilson A500 has real leather laces that are hand-tied into the web of the glove.

The laces will not snap or tear over time even due to regular use or heavy play. The rolled-out dual welting gives a long-lasting shape with a quicker break-in time.

You won’t struggle with the break-in process as it will be easier and it can be done in less than 48 hours.

But while testing A500 we found the leather quality is not up to the mark and it might not last more than 2 years (for moderate) usage.


  • Comes with a velcro strap to adjust the glove fitting.
  • Premium quality laces.
  • The easier break-in process allows your child to play sooner.
  • Budget-Friendly price.


  • Limited color options to choose from.
  • Average built quality.


Factors To Consider When Buying a Youth Baseball Glove

So, when you’re buying the best baseball glove for 12 year old then keep some things in your mind like how long they’ve been playing, and what their current skill level is.

It’s important that your kids aren’t using a glove that’s too big or too small for them if they want to be able to play well. So let’s discuss the detailed step-by-step process below.

  • It’s important to know the size of your child’s hand and glove. Without the right size of the glove, the player will struggle to catch a ball and they might lose their confidence while playing the game.
  • If you had a strict budget then going with synthetic gloves can be an ideal option. But you have to take care of those gloves from time to time to make them last for a few years.
  • But if you don’t have any budget restrictions then it’s always recommended to go with leather gloves as they are not only durable but their life is longer in comparison to a synthetic one. The leather glove also requires proper cleaning to extend the life of your kid’s glove.
  • Make sure the product your daughter/son going to use should be easily break-in in 48 hours time period without struggling too much.
  • Select the color which suits your kid’s style.


The size of the glove is the most important factor when determining which baseball mitt to buy. A bigger glove can make it more difficult for a young player to play catcher because extra space in their glove will be difficult to catch and throw accurately.

If you’re considering a 12 year old for the best baseball glove, you should likely choose a 13-inch glove instead of an 11-inch one.

Remember every position have different sizes to choose from and if the player has a position as an outfielder then go with a longer glove.

And if the player plays any position then go with utility gloves as they are more advised for both outfield and pitcher.

So, choose the size according to the player’s position not according to its hand size. So below is the table of different sizes according to position for 12-year-old baseball players.

Position Size
First Base 11.5-12.00
Second Base 11.00-11.5
Third Base 11.50-12
Short Stop 11.00-11.75
Pitcher 10.50-11.50
Outfielder 11.75-12.75
Catcher 30-32.50



The position of the baseball decides which size you should buy a baseball glove for your 12-year-old. If your child plays an outfield position then go with a bigger size baseball glove as they don’t have to quickly throw the ball.

But if your kid is playing as an infielder then go with a smaller size due to faster and quicker response. With a smaller size, they will quickly transfer the ball in the field.

Glove Padding

In positions like first and third base gloves, padding plays an important role due to the catching of fast or high-speed balls coming towards them.

So more the padding your child’s glove will have the lesser impact they will feel while catching the ball.

Also, the manufacture has started paying intention to wrist padding as they help the players to wear their units more comfortably.

Glove Pocket Size

The best baseball glove for 12-year-old should have a deep pocket that will allow them to catch the ball easily.

It shouldn’t be too small or too large, which could frustrate younger players when trying to catch and throw the ball at the same time.

The outfielder will have larger pockets in comparison to the infield position, most of the time a 12-year-old doesn’t play in the outfield.

Choosing a deep pocket ensures that your child won’t drop passes when they’re catching and throwing at the same time.

This increases their ease of playing the game and will allow them to throw the ball as quickly as possible.


What size baseball glove should I buy for my 12-year-old?

The best baseball glove for a 12 year old is likely is:

  1. First base players: 11.5 – 12
  2. Outfielders: 11.50
  3. Infielders:  11.5 – 12.00

What position does a 12 year old typically play in baseball?

A typical 12-year-old plays third base or shortstop in baseball.

Can my child use an 11-inch glove if they’re 12 years?

Yes, your child can use an 11-inch baseball glove if they are very small or short. The gloves can be adjusted. The size of the outfielder glove is typically larger than the infield position gloves which is why you should consider buying them a 12″ glove instead.

Do 12-year-olds play in the outfield?

The outfielder position is typically for players who are older and more experienced with baseball, but yes if your kid is talented or has been playing for a long time.

Final Words

In the end, go with that baseball glove that fits your budget and also what is your child’s position on the field. Always go with a glove that is made up of premium leather which stays with you for a longer period of time.


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