Best Baseball Helmet For Youth In 2022

Whenever we play any game, outdoor or indoor, safety is an essential part of every player. The same goes for a baseball game where we have to protect our heads while playing baseball. So likewise, if you are searching for the best baseball helmet for youths, then you are in the right place.

According to Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) stats in baseball and softball, the most common injury was being struck by bat for youth athletes and being struck by ball for older players. Therefore, we have listed down quality helmets in a budget-friendly price range to avoid any head injury.

Best Baseball Helmet For Youths 2022

Whenever you decide to buy a helmet for your child, always consider these factors, which are as follows.

  • Adjustable Jaw Guard
  • Size
  • Brand
  • Material
  • Double Or Single Flap

1).EASTON Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet

best baseball helmet for youth

Easton is well known for making a helmet for 40 years when baseball or softball brands. This helmet comes with an outer shell made up of ABS plastic that protects from high-impact balls. In addition, this helmet comes with 18 different colors to choose from.

The helmet is consists of multiple density foam liners such as high density and low-density foam. The low-density foam provides comfort, and the high-density foam absorbs any shock or impact. There is also a BioDri padded inner liner which is not a sweat absorber! In fact, it absorbs any moisture, keeps you dry and cool during the game.

The material is so light that your child can wear it all the time while playing a baseball game. There are so many vented holes that provide air to pass from outside and inside to make your head cool during gameplay. For durability, the manufacture provides wrapped ear pads that provide maximum comfort to your ears making choices for everyday players.

Also, if you want to add more protection, you can add a faceguard with a Z5 helmet, where you will find pre-drilled holes at both sides of the helmet. Unfortunately, the helmet’s face does not come with the guard you have to buy it extra to add additional security.


  • Strong And Durable
  • Meets NOCSAE
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Wrapped Jaw Pads
  • Good Ventilation


  • No Face Guard
  • Logo Of Eston Is Sometimes Hard To Remove

Final Verdict
Easton Helmet is best for all the players in every age group. The best part about this material is its ABS plastic, and this helmet also meets NOCSAE standards which can be used in competition or leagues.

2). Rawlings R16 Series Matte Batting Helmet

youth helmet for baseball

If you are looking for the best helmet for your kid, which has high comfort and air-flow circulation, then check out Rawlings R16 series. In this item, 16 individual air vents allow air to pass inside the helmet, which keeps the player cool and dry. In addition, this helmet meets the Nocsae standard.

It is painted with a matt black finish which makes them look stylish. There are 9 different colors available to choose from. In addition, the manufacture has provided heat exchange vents that quickly circulate cooler air to keep you dry and cool in the field. 

The batters are protected from wrapped jaw pads and hard plastic, which also provides protection and durability. Also, the junior players experience extreme comfort from the ventilation of airflow. This series of materials are available in senior and junior sizes, and these sizes of a junior are (6 3/8 – 7 1/8), and the senior is (6 7/8 – 7 5/8). 

One disadvantage to this helmet is that it comes with a sticker, and when you remove that sticker, it leaves some residue behind. Also, it does not have any face guards in front. However, if you are looking for a stylish, protective, and renowned brand like Rawlings, you will not regret your decision.


  • Stylish Look.
  • 16 Vents For Air-Flow To Keep You Cool & Dry.
  • Excellent Heat Exchange Vents.
  • NOCSAE Approved.
  • Selection Of Different Colors & Sizes


  • Not Good For Bigger Heads
  • Complains Related To Size Problem
  • No Face Guard

Final Verdict
Rowling Helmet is best for all the players who wants to look stylish in the field. Also, it has Heat exchange vents that rapidly circulate cooler and ambient air which keeps the player cool and dry in the field. Before buying the item, we would recommend you double-check the size of the head before finalizing the helmet

3). Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet

best baseball helmet for youth

If you are looking for a helmet that has a sturdy design, also has one size for under 11 years of age, and enhances its versatility, then you should check out the Under Armour helmet for your kids. The fabric-wrapped liner comes with antimicrobials that treat unwanted smells, odor and get rid of harmful bacteria.

This also comes with Sei certified and also meets Nocsae safety standards. It has large ventilated holes that keep the head cool and also allow you to breathe easily. In addition, the manufacture claims that they provide the highest protection for the youth head with impact-absorbing foam inside the helmet. Finally, you can find 9 different colors to choose from for your kid.

There is an Under Armour sticker logo, which you will find hard to remove due to its adhesive glue. Also, the youth hat size will fit below/under 6 3/4 for age below 12 years. If you are looking for someone above 11 years of age, you should select a senior-size helmet. Finally, if you like to add a Jaw guard, you can easily do it, but you have to purchase it separately.


  • Sei Certified
  • Meets Nocsae Safety Standards
  • One Size Fits
  • Best For Player 11 & Under
  • Maximum Padding For Protection


  • Only Good For Hat Size Of 6 3/4 & Smaller
  • Logo Is Hard To Remove
  • Double Check The Size

Final Verdict
Under Armour helmets are best for those young champs whose safety is there number one priority. Also, there are high ventilated holes that will surely keep you cool and dry during the gameplay. And the manufacture also provides an antimicrobial foam, which removes bacteria & unwanted odor.

4). DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet

youth helmet

DeMarini Paradox is best known for providing higher protection against head injuries with a comfortable fit and also provides a glossy finish. You will find several sizes and colors that will help you find the right product for you. The helmet size is YH (6 1/2 and Below), S/M (6 3/8-7 1/8), L/XL (7-7 5/8).

The DeMarini comes with Low profile shell for superior fit, and also the vents of the helmet are placed strategically to maximize the airflow to keep your head cool and dry. For the protection of your head, the manufacture provides a dual-density padded foam, which provides safety and a perfect fit for your head.

If you buy the helmet for your kids whose age is 7-8 years, then I would recommend you go with the YH (6 1/2 and Below) option. And if you are looking for a high school helmet, you can go with S/M size or L/XL size, depending on the head size.

This comes with pre-drilled holes, so there will be no problem for you to attach the faceguard to the helmet. You can buy the faceguard separately for extra protection. It comes with Nocsae approved, which makes it more secure while playing in the field.


  • Comes With Dual Density Padding Which Fits Your Head Perfectly
  • Vents Are Placed In Strategically For Maximum Air Flow
  • Build With Hard Durable Plastic
  • Low Profile Shell For Great Vision


  • Limited Colors Are Available
  • Some Users Complain About Size Problem

Final Verdict
If you are looking for quality helmet for batters also in budget-friendly price then DeMarini ir?t=baseballguides 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B014FWH7NGParadox can be best option for your kids. Due to its low-profile shell and dual padding protection, it makes the best choice for many batters.

5). EvoShield XVT Batting Helmet

best youth helmet for baseball

XVT by EvoShield can be a great choice for youths looking for comfort, style, and protection for their kids or themselves. Evoshield is available in 6 different colors with different sizes. In addition, this helmet is finished in a high gloss finish which will surely make you feel premium in the field.

In terms of security, the helmet is equipped with sleek compression dual-density padding with full wrapped ear pads, giving protection and comfort. Unfortunately, the helmet doesn’t come with a faceguard, but the manufacture has provided pre-drilled holes so that you can attach it later for more safety and protection.

The EvoShield comes with a low-profile shell for a great fit while playing your favorite game. Also, airflow ventilation has been strategically engineered to give maximum airflow to the player’s head, making them cool and dry throughout the game. Approve by NOCSAE standards.

You will find all the common colors which EvoShield is providing, and sometimes there are some complaints about the size issue. 


  • Low Profile Design For Superior Fit
  • Dual Padding With Fully Wrapped Ears
  • NOCSAE Standard
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Excellent Venting System To Provide Maximum Air Flow


  • No Faceguard
  • Basic Color Options
  • Double-Check Size While Ordering

Final Verdict
If style, comfort, and protection is your priority then XVT by EvoShield can be best choice for youths. Also, you will find only six basic colors and 3 different sizes and these are YTH [6 1/2-7], S/M [7-7 1/2], L/XL [7 1/2-8].

6). Boombah DEFCON Baseball

baseball helmet for youth

When it comes to style and protection Boombah Defcon helmet will offer great features for all levels and ages with 42 different colors to choose from. Additionally, this helmet is available in two sizes, and these are Junior  6 1/4″ – 7″ & Senior Senior 7″ – 7 3/4″.

The outer material of the Boombah is made up of high-impact ABS material. Also, it has a dual padding system that provides excellent protection against any impact. The manufacturer has provided a ventilated system for outside and inside airflow to keep the player head cool and dry.

Boombah DEFCON does not come with attaching faceguards for extra protection. But it does have pre-drilled holes where you can attach the faceguard when you purchase separately. In addition, the liner foam of the helmet absorbs the sweat and moisture of the player making the helmet dry.


  • NOCSAE Approved
  • Comes With 42 Different Colors
  • Venting System For Approved Air-Flow
  • Dual Density Padding System


  • There Is Not Enough Size To Choose From
  • No Faceguard

Final Verdict
If you want more colors and don’t want to compromise the protection, then the Boombah helmet is best for your kid. But you will find fewer size options in comparison with other competitors.

7). Rawlings Coolflo Youth Tball Batting Helmet

youth baseball helmet

Looking for a helmet that provides maximum airflow and excellent protection, then I would suggest you look at the Rawlings Coolflo helmet. It is designed in such a state-of-the-art 15 individual venting Coolflo system, which gives maximum air to the player’s head to keep it cool and dry throughout the game.

The manufacture has not compromised in terms of the protection of the helmet. On the contrary, they have provided ample dual padding inside the helmet, giving you ample comfort and superior fit. In addition, you will find ABS plastic protection and a budget-friendly price.

This is design in two different sizes, and these are 6 1/2 – 7 1/2 with a NOCSAE certificate of up to 68 MPH. The helmet comes with CLEAR-COAT PAINT FINISH, which some players didn’t like at all. Also, there are limited colors available to choose from with limited sizing options.


  • Molded Finish With 15 Individual Ventilated Vents
  • CoolFlo Technology For Better Air-Flow
  • NOCSAE Approved
  • Budget-Friendly Price
  • Dual Padding For Protection & Comfort


  • Limited Size & Colors Available
  • Basic Design With No Facemask
  • Not Good For Big Head Players

Final Verdict
Looking for budget-friendly helmet for your kids then Rawlings Coolflo will don’t disappoint your decision. Also, there 15 individual vents with CoolFlo technology will keep the players head cool and dry.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Youth Baseball Helmets

First of all, whenever you buy a helmet for your kids or yourself, then size, comfort, and protection are the department you should focus on before finalizing your decision. Now every player wants to hit a home run as soon as they step inside the Batter box. 

But sometimes, due to the size and discomfort of the helmet, the player may distract and wants to remove the helmet as soon as the game is over. This clearly means that the size of the helmet you have chosen is not right for you or your kid. So to avoid these situations, Let’s discuss these points step by step as below.

Correct Size

Whenever you are finalizing the helmet, always double-check the size of the head of your children to avoid ordering the wrong size. Obviously, it will fit your kid’s head. However, if you order a large size, it will come out on one big strike. And if you order a small size, it will feel uncomfortable or stop ventilation, making no way airflow inside.

NOCSAE Standard

nocsae approved helmet

If you are looking for a safety standard for helmets, then always check for NOCSAE Approved helmets. NOCSAE is (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) tells the customer about the protective standard for every piece of sports equipment. So whenever you have decided to buy a helmet for you or your kids, always look at the NOCSAE standard.


There are two types of a helmet with earflap when you look at best baseball helmet for youths. These are a single flap helmet and two flap helmets. Many MLB players wear a single flap helmet, but you can also wear two earflap helmets.

But personally, I would recommend you to go with two earflap helmets which will protect both ears. Also, in MLB, it’s compulsory to wear one or two earflap helmets. Many other leagues recommend their player to wear two earflap helmets.

Clear Sight

Whenever you have decided to purchase the helmet, always make sure that you clearly see straight and in the side to hit the ball wearing the helmet. So, make sure the front visor or helmet mask does not cover your eyes.

Jaw Guard

Jaw guard is also an important part of a baseball helmet. The jaw guard protects you from the ball hitting on your face. Jaw guard is important for young players as they have not gained enough skills to defend themselves from unexpected pitches.

Whenever you are purchasing the jaw guard, always make sure you order the right one as the left batter orders the right jaw guard, which is a result you have to return that guard and order a new one.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right best baseball helmet for youth can be used for kids in their baseball matches. Always consider a helmet with a face mask to protect your kids from any incidents. I hope you will find our review helpful in making your decision.


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