How Long Is A Baseball Game? Ultimate Guide

how long baseball game

How Long is a Baseball Game? The average baseball game lasts around three hours. This varies depending on what level you’re playing at or what baseball series you are watching. There have been some instances when two Major League games lasted four-plus hours due to stormy weather.

How Long is a Baseball Game?

How many innings are there in a baseball game? How many pitches per inning are there? There is an average of 27-28 total innings with nine players on each team.

Each player will get three or more turns at-bat before the other team takes their turn. Pitchers can throw as much as 110-120 pitches in any game on the pitching side, but this varies depending on how deep into the season they are playing.

How long do teams warm up before the start of the game?

Teams usually spend 15-20 minutes warming up before a baseball game. The time varies depending on the level of competition you’re playing at or where your stadium is located. During this period, players tend to hit balls off a tee with about two dozen swings and perform light fielding drills.

How long does an average MLB game last?

The typical Major League Baseball Game lasts around three hours but can go less than average if one team pulls away early. A Major League Baseball Game can have up to 9 innings in about three hours, where the team has nine players on each team. One outfielder usually gets as many as 12 or more if they’re not called into the bullpen for relief pitching duties.

What is the Longest Minor League Baseball Game Ever?

The longest Minor League Baseball game belongs to the Rochester Red Wings vs. the Pawtucket Paw Sox in 1981, which ended in 16-14.

The longest Major League Baseball game belonged to the Chicago White Sox vs. the Detroit Tigers in 2005 and 44 innings, with a 18-17. 

Minor league games are about two to three hours long, though some last up to four or five hours. The longest minor league baseball game was eight hours and 14 minutes when Pawtucket scored 16 runs in the ninth inning to win. For more information, you can visit paw sox resource.

What Was the Longest Played World Series Game?

The longest played World Series game was in 2018 when the dodgers beat Red Sox 3-2 that took seven hours and twenty-one minutes to complete an eighteen innings game.


How long is a game?

On average, baseball games last between 2 and 3 hours. If there are no delays or interruptions during the game, then you can expect it to be about 2-3 hours. If there are any weather-related interruptions (such as rain) then this will increase the length of time that it takes for the game to finish.

Also, if it comes down to extra innings, then you can expect your game to be even longer than usual since each inning goes on for another half an hour past regulation time.

How many outs are there per inning?

There are 9 outs per inning minus any runners on base at the end of an inning. This means that players have 27 chances each inning to make an out.

What happens when there are no outs?

When no outs have been made, the batter must try to advance around all four bases so they can score a run before getting caught off another base or being tagged for an out.

After each base is successfully advanced, then the batter’s team will be awarded one out. Once all four or three outs are made, then the inning will end and another player will take over for his innings.

What is a foul ball?

A foul ball is when the baseball has not gone directly to the left-field of the center field after being hit by the batter. A foul batted ball is any batted ball that the batter has not hit directly toward home plate.

A foul tip, for example, is when a batter hits a ball towards or at home plate and it goes directly back to the catcher who catches/catches it with their mitt before it can go anywhere else. This counts as a strike.


Baseball games are a lot longer than they used to be. In the late ’70s, an average match took two hours and 11 minutes, with only one inning of extra innings added on average.

Today, that number is up to three hours and four minutes in length, with an additional 4th inning for extras. This means there was no more time saved by adding a 12th team (the Houston Astros) as it would take even less time due to travel demands or other considerations like rain delays which throw off the schedule.

Major League Baseball has been trying for years now to reduce game times but has not found any solutions that will work both logistically and financially at this point. So till then, it will take time to complete the game due to certain conditions.

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