How Many Innings In Baseball Game?

If you are new to baseball then you might be thinking how many innings in baseball games are there? There are nine innings in a baseball game. The first inning is when the fielding team throws the ball to the opponent team and tries to get three outs. This is called “inning” which shows how many times they can do this before their turn ends or until they have thrown all of their players on base out.

How many innings in baseball game
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What is an Inning in Baseball?

The baseball game comprises two teams, and each team has nine players on the field at a time. The first inning starts with the home team batting while the other team is in defense. If the fielding team gets three outs before all their batters, they have had an opportunity to hit quickly, then they win.

The second inning begins when both teams are back on offense for another game round where fielding tries to get outs before batting. This continues until the ninth inning, where each team has had a turn at defense and offense nine times, with the tenth being the last chance for victory.

How Long is a Baseball Inning?

The duration depends on the number of at-bats. If an inning is completed in three outs, then it took up 18 minutes of game time for one inning. If it has taken nine innings to get a winner, this means that the average baseball game lasts over two hours!

An inning in baseball starts when one team takes their turn on offense and fielding tries to get three outs before switching back to the other team on offense. The inning continues until the team gets three outs or when all of their players have had a turn at-bat.

The innings are split into two halves, with the home team batting and fielding first. This is called the “top half of an inning,” or when you’re dealing with numbers in an odd game, like innings.

The bottom of an inning occurs before each team has taken their turn nine times. Once those three outs happen, both teams go back on defense for one more round.

How Many Innings In Baseball Game?

There are five different types of baseball innings in the game which are explained below.

Top of the Innings

In this innings, the opponent team plays and the match continues until the 3 batters are not out. When the three players are out it’s time to move on next innings.

Bottom Of The Innings

If there are three outs in the top innings then it will be over and we go on to the next type which would be: bottom of the innings. The away team will try their best to stop the home team from scoring the run.

9th Innings

9th inning can be termed as the end of the game where the three outs take place. If the home team is ahead at the top of the 9th inning, or if the away team is ahead at the bottom of the 9th inning, play will stop and baseball rules will apply.

Middle Of The Innings

These seasons come into play when the top and bottom innings come into transition. This takes three minutes where players can change their gear when they are ready to get changed.

Extra Innings

Usually, extra innings come into play very rarely and it happens when the result is tied. It will go on until anyone is the winner.

How Many Outs are There in An Inning?

There are four different types of outs in the innings which is applied when the batter is out due to the below-given kinds.


The first type is called a strikeout which happens when the player at bat misses on three pitches thrown by the pitcher or the batter doesn’t swing for any ball that crosses the ‘home plate’. But still, if the batter swings out the bat and misses the shot then it is also been considered a strike.


Another way to get an out is if the batter hits the fly ball and it has been caught by one of the fielders stopping the player to reach its base.

Force Out

A force out can be made when a player is tagged by the fielder before they make it to their base. If the player is not able to reach its base and the fielder touches its base when the runner is moving.

Tagged Out

The batter should hit the ball in first or third base and run it fast to reach its first base without getting out. If the player is not able to reach their base then the defensive player will touch to tag out the batter.


Can A Baseball Game End In 7th Innings?

Yes, the baseball game can be stopped in the 7th innings all depending on the head umpire. The reason behind stopping the game is due to bad weather or sudden circumstances occur which led the umpire to declare it as a ‘called game,’ which implies it will be halted for the day.

How Many Innings In Baseball Game?

It all depends on the extra innings required to get a winner, however, a standard baseball game has nine innings. But there is no result then MLB extra rule that the season will continue until there is a clear winner.

How Long Is Nine Inning Of Baseball?

A nine-inning game of baseball generally lasts one hour and fifty minutes (assuming there are no delays, which is the longest possible length an MLB game can last).  The two teams will also need to take breaks in between innings for each pitcher.

How Long Is An Inning in Baseball?

For an inning of baseball to be completed, the two teams need to have batted around the order three times.  In a nine-inning game of baseball, there are 27 outs in total that can be recorded by a pitcher or a batter.

Final Words

In baseball, innings can last different lengths of time. The number of outs needed for a team to claim victory is not the same as in other sports like football or basketball – it’s three bases from home plate that constitutes an out instead. This means that some games end more quickly than others and one game may have 9 innings while another has only 7 innings only.


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