How Many Stitches On A Baseball?

how many stitches on a baseball ball

Many people know how to play baseball and also knows the rule of baseball. But have you ever noticed how many stitches on a baseball are there? These days there is a lot of technology that has been developed, but still, baseballs are partly made using hands.

So if you are interested in how many stitches on baseballs, read the article covering the topic and some interesting facts about baseball stitching.

How Many Stitches On A Baseball

how many stitches on a baseball

There are 216 stitches on a ball made up of waxy red thread used in every MLB ball. The stitches are in red color so that the ball can be clearly visible to players.

You might not think it, but there are actually a lot of stitches on a baseball. In fact, the ball is sewn together from 108 pieces of round leather and string! The stitching looks like this:

The first stitch goes around the ball’s circumference at both ends; then, it’s stitched in six rows to create two panels. Stitches that go straight across connect them to form a pentagon shape. This gives the ball its distinctive look – while also ensuring it doesn’t unravel before players get up to bat.

The stitches are held together by a wax-coated string. This gives baseballs their distinctive red color and makes them easier to hold in your hand – because it doesn’t get slippery as sweat does!

How Many Stitches Are In A Major League Baseball

There are three significant parts of a baseball: the core, the cover, and the lining. These are discussed below:

The Core

The core of a baseball is made up of tightly packed cotton fibers or strips of rubber wrapped in wool to make them resilient on impact. It’s what gives the ball its weight and maintains its shape when you throw it. These cores are sometimes wound with string for more durability, but this is not common in modern-day baseballs.


The cover of a baseball typically consists of two pieces, called the “skin” and the “wool.” Skin is often made from horsehide or cowhide (though some brands may use different types), while the wool can be synthetic or animal hair like sheep’s wool. The skin is stitched to the wool with a special cotton string called “waxed thread.”

The Lining

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The lining of a baseball consists of two pieces, made from cork and rubber. Cork comes both in large blocks or small flat sheets cut into long narrow strips (like shoelaces).

These strips are then rolled up tightly around an 88-inch dowel rod or needle and placed inside the ball’s core before being sewn on one side by hand.

Rubber strings may be used in place of some stitches if there’s not enough waxed thread available for this process. This means that many balls will have 108 stitches altogether.

How Long Does Hand Stitching Take?

The stitching on a baseball is done by hand so that it can take quite some time! The most common number of stitches found in MLB balls is 108. This may sound like a lot, but when you consider that there are two sides to the ball and each side has six rows (or panels) of five or more stitches apiece, it really doesn’t add up to very much time at all.

It takes about 45-60 minutes of hand stitching done by two people to make one baseball. After all the stitching, the ball is then put inside the machine to smoothen the stitches.


What is the average number of total baseball stitches?

Different manufacturers have different average numbers of stitches on a baseball.  The agreed-upon minimum number of stitches is 216.

Q: How many stitches are on the red baseball?

There are 184 total stitches on that particular ball.  This number includes the white stitches, which is standard practice.

Q: How many stitches are on a high school baseball?

In high school baseball, there are 160 total stitches.  This number also includes the white stitches.

What is the Cost for New Baseballs Every Year?

According to the latest stats, Major League Baseball is an organization with a lot of money flowing through it. According to the latest source, Rawlings produces about 960,000 balls per year, and this average cost comes out at $7.01 per ball, which means Major League has to spend around nine million dollars on them every season.

During a typical 9-inning game, about 100 balls are used on average. A baseball never remains in play for over six pitches. Generally, it lasts less than three pitches before it’s thrown back into the stands by an eager fan or is lost underneath some well-played foul territory because of its too-obvious red stitching.

In each yearly 2,000 games that take place across Major League Baseball’s 30 teams every year, there are no more than 100 balls to be shared between 18 players per team as they try their best to strike out.

These statistics provide clear insight into why so many MLB franchises go through nearly $1,000 worth of ball purchases alone during one nine-inning match.

Who is Manufacturing Baseball?

Right there are many manufactures who are manufacturing baseball that is excellent in quality and provides budget-friendly prices.
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