How Much Does a Good Baseball Glove Cost?

Most baseball players will agree that it is more satisfying to catch a baseball with a well-fitted glove.

The feeling of a secure grip and the precision of a catch take the game to new heights giving the players more confidence.

Whether you’re looking for a beginner or professional mitt for the match, every glove comes with a different price point, making it harder to figure out how much does a good baseball glove costs.

So, the price tag can range from $40 – $300 depending on the brand, features, and material used to design it.

How Much Does A Good Baseball Glove Cost In Average

The price of a good baseball glove will vary depending on the size, brand, model, and material used in manufacturing it.

However, it is most likely to fall within the range of around $40 – $400. But if you talk about the best one, it will range above $100.

But if you are a professional player who plays for the major league, going with $250-$400 is an ideal choice.

Also, it doesn’t mean that gloves with a price tag of below $100 are made up of poor quality.

These gloves deliver excellent performance for a long time when kept in the right condition.

If you want an excellent glove for your child (under 12 years old), go with a price range from $50 – $150.

Baseball Glove Price Guide [All Age]

Below I have written the price of gloves made for young players and professional ones. Also, different types of materials used and their impact on the price of a baseball glove.


The baseball gloves come in various sizes for kids, college-going students, and professional players, all at different prices.


If young players are going to start playing baseball for the first time, their gloves will cost much cheaper compared to adults.

The price generally ranges between $40 – $200 depending on the type of brand and material used inside the webbing.

But in my suggestion, if he is just practicing on the pitch, then going with $20 – $30 youth baseball gloves will be ideal for her.

College Players

College players need to go for a well-designed glove that can have premium webbing to get extra strength and support with durable fabric.

The gloves for young players can cost between $100 – $200, or you can even go for high-end baseball gloves if there is no budget restriction.

So, if you go with premium gloves, they will last longer and have better catching ability giving better performance on the field.

Professionals Players

A glove for professional players playing the MLB world series will cost above $300 – $1000 depending on whether the glove is customized specifically for MLB players.

But if you are a professional player playing in the early stage of competitions in MiLB, you can go for a glove that costs around $300 – $500.

Also, MLB gloves are mainly designed by Rawling and Wilson, so you only need to depend on these brands.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Baseball Glove?

Whether you go for a $100 baseball glove or above, everything is calculated by the type of material used while making it.

Now let’s discuss the fabrics which are used to make a baseball glove:

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather is made to bring closer to leather, but they are synthesized materials mainly used in budget-friendly baseball gloves.

I would suggest if you are starting your career on the baseball glove or a father who is looking for their kids, then going with gloves made up of synthetic leather can be ideal.

Depending on your selected brand, these synthetics range between $30 – $70. Also, they are soft and lightweight, making the break-in process much easier.

Full-grain leather

These are made from real leather and cost slightly higher than synthetic ones. But the players who will play a competition match opt for full-grain leather.

In terms of price, these gloves are designed with material costs between $70 – $200.

The gloves, designed with full grain, will cost you above $200 as they last much longer and are highly used by college players.

Steerhide leather

Steerhide leather is mainly used to make premium baseball gloves that last longer and give excellent grip inside the hand.

The smooth texture at the outer layer makes it feel premium in our hands. But as it is made of pure leather, these gloves need more time to break.

Until then, it will feel hard when they are new, but when the break-in process is over, it will feel much more comfortable on your hands.

Both beginner-level and professional players can use steer hide gloves, which generally cost between $70 to over $300.

Kip Skin Leather

When you see any MLB player wearing their baseball glove, they are designed with material from the highest leather, which you will generally find in premium accessories like bags, watch straps, wallets, etc.

The gloves made from kip skin cowhide leather are generally customized according to the player, and the cost starts from $400.

Top Baseball Glove Brands

The top baseball glove brands you should consider when looking for are Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno, Easton, etc.

These manufacturers have been in business for decades, making quality gloves for different styles at reasonable prices.

They offer trusted products that work well from the first day to many years after purchase without breaking down or losing their shape.


rawling gloves

Rawlings is one of the most popular brands of baseball gloves. They have a reputation for making high-quality gloves that can be used for many years.

Most MLB players use their gloves since they provide a wide variety of high-quality gloves.

The greatest baseball player of all time, George and Alfred Rawlings, two brothers from Baltimore, began their journey as baseball players in 1887.


mizuno gloves

Mizuno is also one of the most popular brands in the baseball industry. They are known for their quality materials, innovation, and design. 

It was founded in 1906 in Osaka to compete with American brands.

Mizuno gloves are worth checking out if you want to buy something top-notch for your next tournament.


Wilson is another high-quality brand that specializes in baseball helmets and bats.

Their gloves are usually priced higher than most models, but the company uses only the finest materials to make their products with the highest quality.


The company was founded in 1922 by Doug Easton with an employee of only 10. The company was known for manufacturing arrows and bows in the early days.

But in 1969, Doug’s son Jim Easton introduced the first aluminum baseball bats, which did not break compared to wooden bats. 

Now the company makes other baseball accessories and other sports equipment using the highest quality materials.

Final Words

When buying a glove, you must consider the type you want. There are many baseball gloves for different purposes and varying prices.

The average price range for kids under age 12 glove will be between $50-$80.

But on the other hand, if you are an older player who will play MiLB tournaments or in other tournaments, a baseball glove will cost you around $100-$250.


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