How To Dry A Wet Baseball Glove [2022] Guide

how to dry a wet baseball glove

If you’re a baseball player, then there’s no doubt that your glove is one of the most important piece of equipment that you own.

The baseball glove not only protects our hands from the hard-hit balls but also helps you grip the bat and catch the ball.

If the gloves get wet and start to smell, then it needs to dry quickly if you have a match the next day. So, here is a guide and steps for how to dry a wet baseball glove quickly without damaging it.

What you’ll need for drying a Soaked Baseball Glove

Drying wet gloves can be as easy as using items found in your home. Household chemicals and items such as dryer sheets, brush with lids on tightly, aluminum foil, or a disposable liner cloth will do the trick.

How to Dry a Wet Baseball Glove (Method)

Drying a wet baseball glove can be challenging. The best way to dry is by giving warm natural air under the sun or placing it in front of a heater.

However, this may not always be an option depending on the time of year and the climate where you live.

To get your glove back up to optimum playing condition as quickly as possible, here are some quick tips that will help you air dry your glove without damaging it.

You can start by brushing the glove thoroughly to remove any debris that may have got inside the glove. For more stubborn stains, use a brush or toothbrush for best results.

Step 1

Get a clean and soft towel, then soak up all the moisture from your glove by cleaning from the inside out. Rub softly, don’t squeeze them or rub them too hard to prevent damaging the leather.

Step 2

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Once your glove is dried, it’s time for a small amount of conditioner with help from the sponge. More importantly than any other process in caring for your gloves, the oils and conditioners you use are crucial to keeping them soft.

Using these items will also prevent stiffening because they keep leather pliable, which means no more sore fingers.

Step 3

What’s that smell? I think you should use a sponge to apply some glove oil or conditioner. Use only recommended oils and conditioners because they will help maintain the strength of your mitt and prevent it from stiffening up after being absorbed with water.

Step 4

The shape of a glove is important for playing baseball. If the gloves get soaked and dried out, they may take on an unshapely form you can’t play with. That’s why reshaping your glove is necessary to get back into action.

Quick Method To Dry Wet Baseball Glove

First, make sure that your gloves are 100% completely soaked with water (don’t use any chemicals).

Then squeeze out as much water from the inside of the gloves by putting on heavy-duty rubber gloves or using an old towel wrapped around your hand.

Finally, hold both palms together over another towel and rub back and forth until all of the excess moisture has been absorbed into it.

How Baseball gloves are made?

The materials used in baseball gloves have evolved over the years due to recent development.

Early gloves were made of cotton and other natural fibers, which offered less protection from the hard-hit balls.

Today’s gloves are made primarily of leather, which is treated to resist water and stains.

The palm area is usually reinforced with additional layers of leather or synthetic material to increase its durability.

The construction of baseball gloves has also changed over time. Early gloves were little more than a piece of leather sewn together to form a pocket.

Due to current research, today’s gloves are much more sophisticated, with multiple layers of padding and support to ensure a comfortable fit and maximum protection for the players.


If you feel your baseball gloves or mitts cannot be replaced or they are still new, then you may follow the above guide and clean your baseball glove without damaging the leather.

No matter what level of player you are, your baseball glove is a vital part of your game. By taking care of your glove and choosing the right one for your position and playing style, you can help ensure that you’re always ready to make the big play.


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