How To Dry A Wet Baseball Glove Quickly & Safely

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how to dry a wet baseball glove

If you’re a baseball player, then there’s no doubt that your glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment. If it gets wet and starts to smell, you know that it needs to be dried. This post will walk you through the steps for how to air dry your baseball glove quickly without damaging it.

Baseball gloves are made up of leather and require little care to keep the gloves in good condition. When the glove gets wet, it is susceptible to mildew and mold, resulting in damage to the leather.

Drying a wet baseball glove can be challenging. The best way to dry it is by airing it out or placing it in front of a heater. However, this may not always be an option depending on the time of year and the climate where you live.

To get your glove back up to optimum playing condition as quickly as possible, here are some quick tips that will help you air dry your glove without damaging it.

How To Dry A Wet Baseball Glove Quickly & Safely

What is the worst thing that can happen to a baseball glove? It gets wet! If you want your glove to last as long as possible, you need to know how to dry it quickly and safely. The idea of drying out a wet baseball glove can be daunting. Let’s face it, and most people don’t know how and still end up with a damp-smelling glove that doesn’t feel very good to use.

What you’ll need for drying a Soaked Baseball Glove

Drying wet gloves can be as easy as using items found in your home. Household chemicals and items such as dryer sheets, brush with lids on tightly, aluminum foil, or a disposable liner cloth will do the trick.

How to Dry a Wet Baseball Glove (Method)

ir?t=baseballguides 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B000QFN36MIf your sports gloves get clogged with dirt and mud, you should clean them. You can start by brushing the glove thoroughly to remove any debris that may have got inside the glove itself into the glove. For more stubborn stains, use a brush or toothbrush for best results.

Step 1

Get a clean and soft towel, then soak up all the moisture from your glove by putting it inside-out. Speak softly when you dry off your gloves to prevent damaging leather; don’t wring them out or rub too hard.

Step 2

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Once your glove is dried, it’s time for a small amount of conditioner with help from the sponge. More importantly than any other process in caring for your gloves, the oils and conditioners you use are crucial to keeping them soft.

Using these items will also prevent stiffening because they keep leather pliable, which means no more sore fingers.

Step 3

What’s that smell? I think you should use a sponge to apply some glove oil or conditioner. Use only recommended oils and conditioners because they will help maintain the strength of your mitt and prevent it from stiffening up after being absorbed with water.

Step 4

The shape of a glove is important for playing baseball. If the gloves get soaked and dried out, they may take on an unshapely form you can’t play with. That’s why reshaping your glove is necessary to get back into action.

Quick Method To Dry Wet Baseball Glove

First, make sure that your gloves are 100% completely soaked through with water (don’t use any chemicals).

Then squeeze out as much water from the inside of the gloves by putting on heavy-duty rubber gloves or using an old towel wrapped around your hand. Finally, hold both palms together over another towel and rub back and forth until all of the excess moisture has been absorbed into it.


If you’ve ever thought that your favorite baseball gloves or mitts are too expensive to replace, and therefore have had no choice but to let them sit in a wet pile for weeks on end, it may be time to rethink how they get cleaned.

You can dry out a wet glove without damaging the leather by following the above simple steps. Not only will this save you money from having to buy new equipment every year, but it also ensures that you won’t lose any of the grips or feel after drying off the moisture.

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