How to Reshape A Baseball Gloves: Tips and Techniques

how to reshape baseball glove

It is a common understanding that baseball gloves need to get in curvy shape in order to catch the ball. But sometimes after numerous catching, the gloves start to get bend backward.

So, many baseball players especially young ones insist on their parents for the new ones, but if you know how to reshape a baseball glove then you can again revive your old gloves.

To make a good investment last longer, we recommend reshaping it with the suggested method written below to make the gloves remains in perfect shape.

Difference between Reshaping and Break-ins?

The process of reshaping a baseball glove is different from breaking in. Break-in only softens the leather on the inside when the gloves are brand new.

While reshaping makes the glove get back into a curve shape making it again easier for the player to reuse it for catching.

A baseball glove should be reshaped every time when it is losing its shape. Reshaping your glove allows the leather to rebound when you catch a ball, making catches easier and less likely to cause injury from excessive strain on your fingers.

Why do you need to reshape your baseball gloves?

The reshape is required to put the older gloves back into curvy shape. When the wrong break-ins with the new gloves or bending starts to occur, it causes the glove to change its shape.

As a result, the ball might not fit in while catching or you may find it difficult to close the glove and keep the ball inside the pocket.

How to Reshape a Baseball Glove?

Reshaping baseball is not a hard task and can be done quickly. The time taken to reshape the glove is not more than 24 hours if done correctly.

Let’s see some of the steps below to reshape the baseball glove.

Apply Baseball Oil To Soften

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Like the break-ins process, you need to apply lots of leather oil to the glove. It will help the leather soften and make it more flexible. This will also help to shape the glove easily.

You can use any type of oil like petroleum jelly, lanolin, or saddle soap. Apply a generous amount of oil all over the glove and work it into the leather with your hands.

Try using premium quality oil as cheap oil will only make things worse rather than softening them.

Now take the oil and spray it on the towel or any dry piece of a soft cloth. Now rub the towel on the glove from thumb to palm.

The reason behind applying it first on a towel or soft cloth is if you apply it directly then it might darker the color of the leather.

Put Baseball/Softball On The Pocket

Put a ball in the pocket and use your glove to reshape it. After oiling up, put some softness into this glove by using one of these methods:

  • Use baseballs for those who play with gloves or if you are trying to fix a hardball infielder’s mitt.
  • Depending on what type they need to be reshaped, softballs will work best for those looking at fixing their softball/catcher’s mitt.

Tie It with Rubber Bands

If you want to speed up the process, then you can tie up 3-4 rubber bands that will press the gloves for you. Because if you keep on pressing the glove, it will take 24 hours to do the process.

And, you cant press the baseball glove for 24 hours. So, using a rubber band will increase the process and do the bending on its own.

Let It Dry

After doing all the above processes, now it’s time to dry the baseball glove and make them ready for the next game.

You can dry the glove using natural air or an air fan. Drying the baseball glove under the sun will damage the leather, and using it inside the oven might damage the oven itself.

So, it’s not recommended to use the glove under direct sunlight, heater, oven, etc.

Can I Use Shaving Cream To Reshape A Glove?

Many people try to reshape their baseball gloves by using shaving cream. If your glove is made up of leather, vinyl, or soft glove then I would recommend you not to use shaving cream.

But if your glove has a hard stiff or Steerhide leather then you can use a shaving cream which will do the stiffness process much easier.

Should I Reshape A New Baseball Glove?

If you are looking for ways to make a baseball glove last longer, reshaping it is one way. A new baseball glove will have its shape set by the manufacturer and may not fit your hand as well as you would like.

Reshaping it can improve the comfort of the gloves so that fitting issues are resolved, and performance problems are avoided.

The process of reshaping a baseball glove is not difficult. It can be done at home or by your local cobbler who specializes in repairing footwear and gloves.


Can I use Wooden mallets to reshape baseball gloves?

Yes, it is a recommended method to reshape your baseball gloves using a glove mallet. This tool is specifically designed to help reshape the gloves without damaging them.

What Can Be Used Instead Of Glove Oil? 

There are a few things you can use instead of oil. Petroleum jelly, lanolin, and saddle soap are all good alternatives.


One of the most common questions we get is whether or not it’s difficult to curve a baseball glove. The truth is, it doesn’t take much time and you don’t have to be an expert in order to reshape your glove for optimum performance.


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