List Of Baseball Players Who Chew Tobacco

List Of Baseball Players Who Chew Tabaco

Baseball is a trendy game, but like other sport, many people may find it less exciting or interesting.

The reason behind is many people find it boring due to its slow pace, long duration, and emphasis on strategy and statistics.

On the other hand, fans like me find it fun due to the team dynamics, individual skills, and the moments of excitement with tension that builds up during the game.

Why Players Starts Chewing Tobacco?

Also, baseball is the game where standing is required than sitting. So, it involve periods of inactivity for players who are not actively involved in the action.

When the players wait too long for their turn to bat, standing in the outfield, or waiting for the ball to be hit to their position.

So, to put more concentration in the game players start chewing tobacco to pass the time during the game.

The list of baseball players who chew tobacco and former Major League Baseball players reported to use chewing tobacco.

We will name a player’s position and team in parentheses in the list.

Whether they are currently on an MLB roster or not, some have clarified their stance on this list by issuing statements about why they do or don’t chew tobacco.

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List Of Baseball Players Who Chew tobacco

Below we have listed some baseball players who chew tobacco in their careers.

Pittsburgh Pirates Outfielder Ryan Ludwick Can’t Quit.

A career .261 hitter, Pittsburgh Pirate’s outfielder Ryan Ludwick has played minor roles on the Cardinals, Padres, Indians, and Rangers.

He peaked at 152 games in 2009 for St Louis with 37 HRs and a batting average of .299–a classic MLB journeyman that never opened any eyes but never put anyone to sleep.

Last May, he was featured in a story revealing how bad chew tobacco is among players like him who use it because they say “it relaxes” them at-bat.

Yet, others have called chewing tobacco addiction, while some see it as their only vice-besides alcohol or drugs–although many still applaud its relaxation effects during the game.

Terry Francona, Dip’s Poster Child

After an unsuccessful season for the Red Sox, Terry Francona wanted to take some time off.

To make up for it, he took a job with FOX showing baseball during playoffs this year and said one thing he missed about being at home was chewing tobacco on his terms- baseball was that he wanted to “chew and curse at will.”

San Francisco Giants 3B Pablo Sandoval Runs on Chew

List Of Baseball Players Who Chew tobacco

Sandoval, the “Kung-Fu Panda” who won over millions of Bay Area residents with his hilarious clubhouse and on-field nature, has been struggling financially as he’s fallen from a $90 million contract in 2014 down to just under five.

Last year’s weight problems were well documented (he once ballooned up to 275 pounds), but it was no secret that Sandoval would need to get back on track this season.

Fans have watched a bit too closely for any sign of tobacco use, given how often players seem to want one without inserting their chew into their mouths. 

What is MLB doing to Ban Tobacco?

list of baseball players who chew tobacco

In recent years, Major League Baseball has taken steps to discourage the use of smokeless tobacco among players.

Smoking smokeless tobacco is currently prohibited in minor league baseball and banned in several Major League cities.

Cities like San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles. The Major League Baseball Players Association has also agreed to ban players from using tobacco.

Also they are providing the resources, training and support to help players quit tobacco.

Final Words

The use of chewing tobacco, is a habit that has always been a problem in baseball. Still, it is important to give priority to player health and discourage use of tobacco products.

MLB is working hard with many organizations raising awareness about the dangerous use and promoting tobacco-free baseball policies.

Overall, it is important to respect different people’s preferences and interests with there health and safety of players in baseball and other sports.


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