Toughest Pitch To Hit In Baseball?

Toughest Pitch to Hit in Baseball

Many players believe that the fastball is the toughest pitch to hit in baseball. While this may not be true, other pitches can cause even more problems for hitters.

The slider, curveball, fastball, cutter, and knuckleball are also as hard to hit and require skill to hit the ball out of the park.

Also, if the shot is missed, it is a gift for the catcher as they round the bases or step up to communicate with the pitcher and the infielders about the team’s success.

Many factors go into the game, and not all have to do with batting. Pitchers can throw fastballs, curveballs, sliders, knuckleballs, and cutters anytime so the batter should always be ready to receive and hit hard to knock a Homerun. 

The most challenging pitch depends on which batter you are asking and how difficult for them to tackle that ball.

What is the opinion of the Pitcher & Batter on the toughest pitch to hit?

Some pitchers might say that the curveball is the hardest to hit because it’s difficult to control by a batter.

Whereas if you ask a batter, they say it’s the fastball because of its speed or movement, which can come at a speed of 90mph – 100mph, making it hard for the best hitter to judge it correctly. 

But at the same time, other players might argue that it’s the slider that makes it hard to hit it perfectly due to its unpredictability.

So, let’s talk one by one about all the toughest pitches which are hard to hit in baseball.

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Toughest Pitch to Hit in Baseball



The cutter pitch is generally thrown the ball away from the sweet spot of the bat when reaching the home plate.

To throw the cutter, pitchers use a four-seam fastball grip [4SFB] with the baseball, which is slightly off in hand with the combination of gyro and backspin.



The fastball is often considered the most challenging pitch in baseball since it is the most stressful pitch on the pitcher’s arm due to the velocity of the ball coming at the speed related to arm stress.

Also, the Fastballs come in two varieties: four-seam fastballs and two-seam fastballs.

The four-seam fastball spins backward, the ball has minimal movement, and its main purpose is to arrive in the strike zone quickly.

Another thing that makes hitting the fastball difficult is its unpredictable movement. If thrown with the right space of above 90mph of speed, the hitter will miss it when it swings a little bit.


A slider is a hard-thrown pitch that gets overloaded at one side of the ball. So, in simple words, a slider is a combination of a gyro and a forward spin same as a football is thrown.

That’s the reason the slider is a bit difficult to pick by the batter as it can be more up and down depending on how sharp your slider is effective on hitters.

In addition to being difficult to hit, sliders can be dangerous when thrown from certain angles.



 A pitcher throws a knuckleball at very slow speeds and with little to no spin.

You can anticipate the ball by looking at its stitches, which will tell you how it moves and if there has been any air movement around it.

When the ball reaches the zone, it has very little spin, which causes it to flutter.


A curveball is a pitch thrown with spin and by snapping the wrist.

If you are up to bat, your opponent can throw this almost as fast or slow as they want, making it difficult for batters to predict how quickly it will move. 

Also, Curveballs are slower (12 mph) with a range from around 80mph and have more depth than a slider, although they curve as much as knuckleballs.

More Insight into Baseball’s Toughest Pitches

Everyone cannot throw the ball at the same techniques, such as slider or pitchers, at a 100% accuracy rate.

Every player has a different arm and elbow to throw the ball. Many pitchers think they will throw the ball the way they want.

But in reality, it is impossible due to natural body physique and movement.

But if the pitchers try very hard, then most of the time, they hurt themselves by having surgeries or arm injuries.

Let’s Discuss in-depth Insights into the Hardest Pitches in Baseball

In baseball, we always see the variations by pitchers, from throwing fastballs to sliders again and again when it is hardest to hit.

The reason behind this is if a baseball player keeps throwing the same pitch repeatedly, it will leave the pitcher at risk of major arm issues and surgeries.

This is because the body’s natural movement will not allow throwing the ball harder because, at the last moment, pitching a slider requires a twist when throwing it.

Also, the same technique goes with other pitchers, so that’s the reason a professional player will pitch with lots of combinations throughout the play without losing stamina.


Which is the hardest pitch to hit?

As said by professional baseball players, Splitter is the hardest to hit in baseball. But also, the splitter is the toughest to throw in the right direction.

When thrown the wrong way it is also the easiest to hit by a batter.

Which is easiest to hit in baseball?

In baseball, a curveball is easier to hit as compared to other pitches. But pitchers like Charlie Morton throwing the curveball at 3000 RPM has made it harder to hit.

Final Words

I hope you have learned about the toughest pitch in baseball to hit and also which are the easiest to play.

If you are a beginner throwing a pitch in starting might be a bit complicated to learn, but with the right practice, I assure you will be the best pitcher in MLB.


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