Best Baseball Bat For 10 Year Old

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Does your young champ is about to turn 10 years old and gathering interest in baseball games, then it’s the right time to invest in the best baseball bat for 10 year old. Gifting your 10-year-old would be the best gift for your kid.

So before finalizing your decision, you have to choose the correct size for your kid, like height, weight, strength, so that they can easily hit the ball with power.

Almost all the 10-year-old kid bat size comes in 27″ to 29″ classified as -10, -8, -5 ounce. But, sometimes, it isn’t obvious for parents what size they should consider buying the perfect baseball bat for their kids.

How To Select A Perfect Baseball Bat?

Selecting the proper baseball bat size all depends on the strength and height of each 10-year player. According to Stanford, the average growth of the 10-year-old for both females and males lies between 50 to 59 inches.

Height (inch) Bat Length
3’5 – 4’0 25 – 26″
4’0 – 4’5 26 – 27″
4’5 – 5’0 27 – 28″
5’0 – 5’5 28 – 30″
5’5 + 30 +

So with the above table, you got an idea according to a height of 10 years old, you will see the different lengths of the baseball bat. Below we have discussed some of the best baseball bats for a 10-year-old kid that will help to hit the ball really hard + boost their performance.

1). Ghost X Hyperlite By Easton


Want to see your kid hit the ball out of the park and aim to become a professional baseball hitter, then Hyperlite can be a perfect choice. The Hyperlite comprises a one-piece construction that gives a better premium feeling in the hands and optimal barrel performance.

Its -11 drop weight ratio delivers more speed and balances while swinging through the zone, giving more power. It’s so lightweight that it gives the player more confidence and power as the game progresses. When the ball has made contact with the bat, it gives a pop sound when it’s hit for a home run or a line drive.

Due to its one-piece construction, the Hyperlite will not protect from strings and vibrations. There will be some vibration on the handle even after some solid hit from the sweet spot.


  • It gives a good amount of pop despite being lightweight.
  • Due to -11, it gives more balance and speed when contact behind the ball.
  • The one-piece construction gives a more premium feeling on the bat with optimized performance.
  • Approved by the USA follow standard


  • Some noticeable vibration issues.
If you want to see your kid hit the ball really hard easily, you may check out Easton Ghost X Hyperlite baseball bat. It is lightweight, and they will love the pop sound whenever they hit the ball hard.

2). CAT8 -10 USSSA Junior Big Barrel By Marucci

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The baseball bat from Marucci Cat 8 comes with an anti-vibration knob on its bat with aluminum made. There are many sweet spots with a barrel length of 2 3/4in diameter and USSSA certified.  It is has been made by a one-piece AZ105 alloy that gives more strength, lightweight, has better durability, and gives an excellent response rate.

You will love the pop sound when your 10-year-old girl/boy hits the ball harder. With micro-perforated soft-grip, it helps the player to coordinate better. It comes with a 1-year warranty, and with one-piece construction, it will be easier for your son/daughter to swing traditionally.

Remember, this is not USA-approved, so you cant use it in Little League sanctioned league. You can use Marucci Cat 8 -10 for coach league tournaments which are USSSA approved.


  • One-piece construction gives clean, consistent, and great swing.
  • Soft Grip helps you to have a tighter grip on the bat
  • USSSA Approved
  • AV2 Anti-Vibration knob gives less vibration to a player while hitting the ball with power
  • Your kid will love pop sound will hitting the ball


  • You can only play coach league tournament.
If you are not restricted on your budget and looking for a premium quality bat that produces excellent POP sound while hitting the ball, then you can check out Marucci CAT 8 bat for your kids.

3). Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo 619

10 year old baseball bat

If you search for a baseball bat with a one-piece design and has an (SBC) endcap that helps increase swing speed, check out the Louisville baseball bat. The LS pro gives comfort grip to mix cushion and tack when your kid is ready to hit the ball.

Moreover, the 2 5/8 barrel feature maximizes the amount of energy transfer to the ball when in contact with the bat. The composite end cap lets you swing the bat easily hit the ball coming high speed. This baseball bat comes with 12 months warranty and is approved in AABC, AAU, Baby Ruth, pony baseball, etc.


  • Meets USA standard certified stamp
  • New Speed Ballistic Composite end cap allows you to have more swings & Maximum control.
  • Anti Vibration reduces the sting when you miss the shot.


  • Your kid might feel a vibration while hitting the ball hard.
If you are looking for a baseball bat that has a stiffer feel and has a speed Ballistic composite end cap that gives more swing on the bat while playing, then check out the Louisville baseball bat

4). Rawlings Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat

top baseball bat for ten year old kid

The baseball bat from rawling is perfect for looking for quality and consistency at a budget-friendly price. If your kid is looking for an ultra-lightweight bat that helps to hit the ball with more power and consistency with a premium pop sound, then Rawlings threat is an ideal choice for you.

This bat comes in five different sizes. Starting from 27 inches (shortest) with 31inch as the longest, there is no shortest size. The diameter of the Rawling threat is 2 5/8″, making it easier for a young player to swing the bat correctly, and that’s why the larger diameter of this bat provides a larger sweet spot.

While testing this baseball bat ( obviously not by us, but some 10-year-old kids), we find the pop sound was not good, and also the built quality is not super according to our testing. Also, there was a little bit of vibration while hitting the ball harder.


  • It comes in 5 different sizes ranging from 27″ to 31″.
  • 2 5/8 diameter allows the player to swing the bat and contact the ball easier.
  • The ultralightweight helps the player to hit the ball with more power.


  • Some vibration can be felt while hitting the ball as this bat has some stings.
The Rawling threat is ideal for those kids that are looking to swing the bat easily and hit the ball with more power. The lightweight design will help your kid to swing it faster against the pitchers.

5). 2018 Omaha -10 USA Baseball Bat By Louisville

Louisville baseball bat for 10 year old

Looking for a bat made up of a single piece 100% aluminum body construction and lighter in weight? You can check out the Louisville Omaha bat. The end cap helps the younger player to hit the ball with a perfectly balanced swing.

The handle is wrapped up with a Synthetic premium grip that allows the player to transfer more power to bat and hit the ball harder. Although the build quality is excellent, after 230 swings, we find it has minor dents, scratches, marks, etc. 

The bat is slightly heavier as compared to other bats. Also, hitting the ball harder lacks distance no matter how hard the ball was hit. But still, it’s a great bat for a younger player who wants to impress their coach and parents.


  • The build quality is excellent, and it’s made up of 100% aluminum body.
  • Premium synthetic grip helps players to have a better grip on the bat and helps them to hit the ball with more power.
  • A 7/8 inch standard handle helps to swing the bat easily.


  • Our volunteer kids feel there was a consistent sting while playing with a bat.
Louisville Slugger 2018 Omaha is perfect for those kids who wants a comfortable grip and provide impact on the game.

6). 2020 Velo ACP USA Youth Baseball Bat By Rawlings

rawling -10

Introducing Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USA Youth Baseball Bat Series, a new Rawlings design. This bat has a modern look and feels that will help you perform better on the field. Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USA Youth Baseball Bat Series is made with high-quality aluminum alloy to give you a lighter swing weight for more comfort during long games or practices.

It also includes Rawling’s patented hand-wrapped technology which gives it an awesome grip and feels while swinging. The Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USA Youth baseball bat (-10) is the first-ever Baseball bat with accelerated carbon Performance (ACP).

The vela ACP USA Youth baseball bat series features 2 inches of carbon composite to give it that ultra-light feel and a new profile. Created for hitters AGES 12 and under, this two-piece composite bat is crafted of Ultralight carbon fiber, making it perfect for hitters at the top or bottom of the lineup.

This bat has been approved for use in all USA Baseball sanctioned leagues, including Little League, Junior League, and Pony League.


  • It comes with a one-piece aluminum alloy barrel.
  • Vela ACP features a new end cap design that allows for the weight of the bat to be distributed more evenly towards the barrel.
  • The bat features Accelerated Carbon Performance (ACP) which is located within the end cap that gives more pop sound with every hit.


  • You should double-check the size as some users complained about the small handle.
If the budget is not an issue and you are looking for a premium bat for your 10 years old then Rawling 2020 is the perfect choice for your kids.

Factors To Consider For Best Baseball Bat For 10 Year Old

Bat Size 

One of the most important factors you should consider before buying the baseball bat for your kid is its size. Picking the right size for your 10-year-old kid is always a hard task because you have to pay attention to weight, size, height, and skills.

Some bats might be heavier for your kids, and also, some bats might be lighter for them. So it all depends on the strength of your kid.

The right size for the player lies in 27″-30″ inches with a weight size of -8 to -10. The most common height of 10 years old is 4′ to 4’46” inches. So the ideal bat length for your kid can range from 27″ to 29″.


The next factor you should consider is the weight of the bat. The average weight of 10-year-old kids comes in the range of 70 – 80 lbs. The bat which you select should not be too heavy or lighter for your son/daughter.

So, if the bat you selected is heavy for your child, then it might be harder for your kid to hit the ball correctly. And if it’s too light, then the power he uses to hit the ball will not produce a steady shot.

As the height increases, the length of the bat will also increase. So, the below chart will give you an idea of what length of the baseball bat will be ideal for your child.


10 year old baseball bat height guide

So, from the above chart, your mind might be clear now what size is perfect for your child by selecting the best baseball bat for 10 year old. The average size for 10 years old can be 28 to 30 inch where he can easily swing the bat with less error to miss the ball. 

Bat Drop

Bat drop plays a significant role in deciding the weight and length of the bat. The bat length and weight are calculated to take out the exact baseball drop bat. For example, if the length of the bat is 30 inches and weighs 20 ounces, then the drop is 30-20 = -10. According to our research and testing, the ideal dropout should be between -8 to -10.

Material Used

 When it comes to the material, every baseball manufacture needs to pay attention to the main core of the bat. There are 3 main materials used in the baseball bat: composite, wood, and alloy, etc.


Alloy bats are mainly used at the beginner level as they are light in weight and have more control over the bat. This bat has a lesser sweet spot and less pop sound. 

Also, with time the capability of these bats decreases, and you have to replace them with either a newer one or go with a composite bat.

Composite Bat

These types of bats are usually come with a lesser price tag and have a trampoline effect. Your kid will love to swing the bat from the composite bat, and they will love the pop sound when the ball is hit with power.

The best feature about this baseball bat is its material has less vibration and a larger sweet spot with bending stiffness. 


We don’t recommend wooden bats to younger players due to their heavy weight, and also, they are mainly built for professional players. They do carry a premium price tag due to their best performance. 


What is the best bat for a 10-year-old?

According to our research and testing, an aluminum bat is perfect for a 10-year-old kid. These bats are lighter in weight and also carry more sweet spots and pop sounds. Also, the larger the sweet spot more it’s easy for your kid to hit it with power.

What size baseball bat does a 10-year-old need?

The ideal size for a 10-year-old kid ranges between 28 to 30 inches.

Ideal Bat Drop?

The ideal bat drop is -8 to -10. You can calculate the drop count by (length-weight of bat) you will get the exact bat drop.

Final Words

Baseball is the most popular game in the US & UK, where it is popular among adults and with younger players. Mostly it’s been played in schools, colleges, and in small tournaments. We hope the above information helps you in selecting the best baseball bat for a 10-year-old. 

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