Is Softball Harder Than Baseball? Lets Find out

Is Softball Harder Than Baseball

As the tournament starts in both softball and baseball, a series of questions arise in our comment section is softball harder than baseball?

So, if you are familiar with a single game, baseball or softball, there is always a curiosity to know which ball is much harder.

There is a significant similarity between softball and baseball, which makes it different for hitters. But first, let us go back to our main question.

Is Softball Harder Than Baseball?

As a person who has played both games on the field, I can say softball is much harder than baseball. The reason behind this is explained in the points below.

  1. Shorter Ground with less space than baseball
  2. The player has to perform the task very quickly.
  3. Also, the angle at which softball pitch comes from pitchers makes it difficult for hitters.
  4. In softball, the ball travels in an upward orbit, making the hitter adjust their hand at a higher level.
  5. The female fast pitch throws the ball from a distance of 43 feet from home plate.


Let’s discuss some of the facts between softball and baseball, which will give you a clearer idea.

Fact Baseball Softball
Pitching High Motion to Low Low to High
Speed (Pitching) 90-106 mph 65-75 mph
Distance (Pitch) 60ft 43ft
Size of Infield (90 feet on each side) 65″ baseline
Reaction Time 0.44 seconds 0.350 seconds
Distance (Base) 127 feet 60 feet
Length Of Game About 3 hours (Nine Innings) Less than 2 hours (seven innings)
Overall Distance Bigger Less

Which Ball Has Much Faster Speed?

Every player knows that a ball being thrown in baseball is overhand, which makes the ball throw at a much faster speed.

The ball is thrown underhand in softball, making it harder to throw at a much faster speed.

So, the average throw speed in baseball is around 90-95 miles, whereas in softball is 65-70 miles. But even though the speed of softball is shorter, the reaction time for a batter in softball is 0.350 due to less distance between plate and mound.

On the other hand, the reaction time in baseball is 0.44 seconds, making it easier for a batter to predict its speed and easier to hit a ball.

Ball Size

In terms of shape and size, the softball is a riseball, whereas baseball has a curveball shape.

Now let’s talk about the ball’s size and why it makes softball harder than baseball. When you hold both the balls in your hand, you will find baseball is smaller in size, whereas softball is bigger and has an official yellow color.

Also, you will see white softball, but they are used in recreational leagues and some slow-pitch matches.

Sweet Spot Hit

Many people might think it is easy to hit if the softball is larger. But in reality, it’s harder to make the right contact with the ball, and even if you do it correctly, the ball will travel less than baseball.

So it does not mean a bigger ball will get a sweet spot hit due to its size it makes it harder for the batter to even hit a home run.

According to the latest report by NCAA, only 13 players have hit 80 homerun in the history of softball.


In which game reaction time is shorter?

The softball player has less time to react when a ball comes toward them.

Which has a smaller field, Baseball or Softball?

Softball has less size, and the fences are too small compared to fields in baseball.

Which game ends with more runs?

Due to non-stop hits, softball ends with more runs.

Do only girls play softball games?

No softball can be played by any gender, even though it has been projected as a female sports game. The first game of history in softball was started by men.


Even though there are fewer similarities between these two sports, It has been proven scientifically that softball is harder than baseball.

Also, it does not mean baseball is easy to play game, but playing baseball does require skills and years of practice to become a professional player.

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