Baseball Gloves vs Softball Gloves: The Ultimate Guide

Baseball Gloves vs Softball Gloves

One of the most common questions that we get on our website is: “What kind of glove should I buy?” If you’re a baseball player, then it’s an easy question. Baseball gloves are made for catching and throwing a ball. Softball players need to catch and throw, but they also need to field ground balls (which is why softballs have such large pockets).

So what do you need? Well, if you want to play both sports at their highest level possible, you’ll need two different types of gloves. The glove itself can vary depending on your position on the field, but today we’re focusing on the different types of gloves used by batters: Baseball Gloves vs Softball Gloves.

Baseball Gloves VS Softball Gloves (The Difference)

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There are a lot of differences between baseball and softball gloves. Baseball gloves have a more extended webbing, with less padding on the palm side, whereas softball gloves have shorter webbing with more padding on the palm side. For those who don’t know much about these sports, it may seem as though they’re very similar because they both require you to catch a ball.

Length & Size

The length and size of a baseball glove are about 12″ to 13″. These types of gloves are the most popular sizes. However, if you want one that’s even longer than this standard size, go for a 14″, which will be more suitable for adults (men).

On the other hand, softball gloves come in bigger sizes (15″) depending on the age of players. The smallest size is 11.5″, which has a circumference of about 18″. This type is ideal for kids aged 12 and below, while the biggest ones at 14 inches, with 21-inch circumferences, are perfect for adults.


Both types of gloves should fit your hand comfortably when playing the game, so it’s best to try them on first before buying one for you. When doing this, make sure that there is a space between the tips of your fingers and the end/tip of your glove, which will allow you to catch the ball better.

Softball gloves are stiffer compared to baseball ones because they need more support, especially when catching hard balls, so that you can avoid getting injured. A stiffer glove is usually indicated by light color, which means it’s more durable and sturdy. The baseball gloves are less more rigid as they require less support when catching the balls.

Baseball players use both types, while softball players only choose one of these gloves depending on their game.


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The webbing for softball gloves is thicker compared to baseball gloves because it needs more support. Plus, the stitches are closer together on a softball glove so that you can catch balls easier without slipping out of your hand.

The typical size of the webbings used in both types is between 11.5″ and 12.5″. If you want a bigger webbing for your softball glove, go for one up to 12.5″, which will allow you only to catch the slowest balls.

Baseball gloves have a closed web while softball ones are always open at the back part of their hand, which means they can easily catch balls compared to baseball players who need more support when catching fast-flying balls to avoid getting injured.

Can I use my baseball glove for softball?

No, you can’t use a baseball glove for softball because they are different in size and material used, which will make it difficult to catch the ball. Baseball gloves also have deeper pockets than softball ones; that’s why balls easily fall off once caught with this type of glove.

But if you are playing just for fun, you can use a baseball glove instead of a softball glove.


Softball and baseball are two totally different games. You will need a glove that is appropriate for the game you want to play, but it really depends on your skill level as well as which gloves feel most comfortable to you.

But if you are playing for any tournament or league that has strict rules then going with specific sports gloves baseball or softball is a must for you.

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